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Le temps à Arolla (VP2) le
20181209 à 08:48
Temperature : -2.6 C
Pression : 1011.7
Tendance : -
Météo Arolla

March 26, 2017

Patrouille des Aiguilles Rouges

On the Tracks of the Smugglers, no english translation!


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Val d'Herens Downhill with Mountain Bike
(very nice walking too... but longer!)

Mountain Bike Downhill of the Val d'Herens, near Praz-Jean


No Scale Title
 1347 1:25'000 Matterhorn 
 1327 1:25'000 Evolène 
1326 1:25'000 Rosablanche
1306 1:25'000 Sion
283 1:50'000 Arolla
273 1:50'000 Montana
?? 1:25'000 Val d'Herens assembly sold in kiosks, bazars, sport shops

This path can be made as main trip or on the way back from another tour. The distance is approximately 40 km and takes 2 to 3 hours. Variants on the way allow to increase the distance for those who prefer longer tours. It is also possible to avoid the only long uphill by following the main road from Euseigne to Vex...
When riding, avoid damaging uncut grass by staying on the path. Also be friendly with pedestrians. Keep in mind that we take no responsibility and you are the only able to juge that your capabilities are sufficient to perform the tour (it is always possible to step down and walk across a critical section...)
km Place Direction
0 Arolla Follow the old Arolla road that starts in front of the Hotel du Glacier
  Tza Hotel Cross the road, go down to the Hotel and take the first path to the left towards the hamlet of la Monta
  La Monta Cross near the fountain then between the houses. Take the small path, flat in the beginning then going down towards the Borgne, cross the river (use the cross country ski bridge), and follow the right bank of the river. In case of high water, you can stay on the left bank and cross at the bridge near Pra Mousse
  Pra Mousse Stay on the right bank, follow the path
  Satarma Cross the Borgne and follow the road till la Gouille
  La Gouille Follow the road 100 more meters then take the path on the right.
  St Barthelemy Pass in front of the chapel and follow the road (old Arolla road). 
    Fork with the road to Roc-Vieux, make a left in the direction of les Hauderes
  Pralovin Cross the village, than the main road and take the road on the other side. Stay on the left bank of the Borgne as long as possible...
  Evolene bridge Cross the Borgne and climb in the direction of the village, near the first houses, make a left in the direction of Lannaz
  Lannaz Climb through the village and follow signs for the chair lift. Pass in front of the Chapel then pass under the lift. At the fork take the road down on the right.
    Follow the road that crosses the Paint Ball. It progressively narrows... after 1 or 2 km, cross the mud slide, then take the path to the left (large stone)
  La Crou Pass on the back of the houses (nettle!) and turn right after the last one (BE CAREFUL!) follow the narrow path through the grass field. At the road, turn left and take the small path Cross a first gate (don't forget to close it!)
    Go down through the forest, few technical sections. Cross a second gate. Not far after the gate, in a small slope, drive carefully and do not miss the turm!
  At the height of Pra Jean Follow the path. At the road, make a slight left, follow the road, flat in the beginning, then downhill.
  Pont Noir sawmill Pass behind above the sawmill then continue to a downhill road. Follow to the la Luette village.
  La Luette Follow the main road to the Euseigne village (large scool). 
  Euseigne Near the gas station, take the first downhill road. Cross the village horizontally. Near the fountain, go down a little bit then turn left. At the north end of the village, take the path towards Combioule(main sewer).
  Euseigne Pyramids Pass below the pyramids (have a look!), follow downhill road, cross the bridge, reach a tarmac road, go down.
  Sewage plant Slightly before the sewage plant, continue straight on the gravel road. Reach the river then follow it, staying on the left bank, then opposite to the hot springs, climb slightly.
  Combioula, ruined chalet Leave the road and take the path down on the right, pass below the chalet, cross a small river. Then continue flat then down.
    Continue flat then slight up slope then steeper and steeper. Watch for horses!
  The "Castle" (below Vex) Climb to the village, follow tarmac road.
  Vex Cross the village, join the main road, direction to Sion on approximately 800 m.
    At the crucifix, take the down road to the right. At the end of the road, continue straight on the path (covered with rounded stones)
  Water Pipeline Pass under the pipe.
    Cross the main road BE CAREFUL!! Take the path on the other side.
    Go through an old quarry, follow the old road or shortcut through the trees....
  Relais du Val d'Herens Pass the fence, cross again the main road. Under the Queens statue, take the path (not much visible in the beginning) and go down through the forest.
    At the tramac road, follow it to the main road, cross it. Do not take the road on the opposite but the smaller one slightly below.
  Chandoline electric plant Join Sion

The Variants :
1. At the St Barthelemy Chapel, go up to the main road. Follow it through the tunnel (flashlight required!), all the way to the bridge. Cross it then climb the road up to the Alpage de l'Etoile. This is the path followed by the Raid Evolenard (follow signs). Follow it all the way to l'Etoile, La Nivaz, Arbez and then go down towards Evolene. You will then reach the "normal" path in Lannaz.

2. Same than variant 1 above but easier. After the bridge, continue on the main road to Les Farques (mail boxes) and take the small road to Gietty, la Niva where you will join the previous variant. You save the climbing to the Alpe de l'Etoile but also miss the corresponding downhill...

Other tours and informations on the website of Evolene Tourist Office.

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